Charcoal: What Does It Do?

Activated Charcoal Powder's popularity has sky-rocketed since 2017 when it first started appearing on mass in the beauty industry, but...

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Why Choose Naturally Derived

When you hear the phrase 'naturally derived' in terms of ingredients and the formulations of your grooming products, do you know why it...

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Benefits of Cold Showering

It may sound crazy, and definitely not as appealing as a hot shower, but the benefits of cold showers might just convince you to switch...

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2018 Round Up

With the New Year fast approaching, we wanted to round up the AMAZING 2018 that we've had with new products launched, new retailers and...

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To Shave Or Not To Shave?

The age old question that plagues men during the winter months: to shave or not to shave?Aesthetics are important in this decision whether it's Hip...

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