Gym Bag Essentials

Whether going to the gym is a chore or an enjoyable experience for you, it's always hard work, which is exactly why your grooming routine shouldn't be. In your wash bag should be an effective set of products to make sure you stay comfortable and fresh during your workout, and invigorated and refreshed afterwards.

We've chosen a selection of products for that exact purpose: effective, hassle-free, simple.


There's nothing worse than a gym that smells of sweat. Staying fresh and odour free should be the least of your worries during your workout, so ensure to use an effective deodorant that will mask how hard you're working with natural actives, like Acai Fruit.

ManCave Eucalyptus Deodorant is made with a Naturally Derived formula and, most importantly, is free from Aluminium and Alcohol, which means you're protected from harmful ingredients that block your pores and wrongfully prevent sweating.

If your skin is on the sensitive side, we also have a Sensitive Deodorant that may suit you more due to the lesser essential oil content in this formula.


Acai Fruit Oil - Natural antibacterial active to help prevent odour creation

Eucalyptus - Anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties

Tea Tree Oil - Antibacterial properties


Taking a shower after a work out session is the best feeling, but does your standard shower gel do it for you?

Using a Body Scrub means all the grime and sweat that has built up on your skins surface, as well as the dead skin cells, need to literally be scrubbed away, and this deeper cleanse can't be achieved with your everyday shower gel.

The Signature Blackspice fragrance also turns your shower into an uplifting, invigorating experience refreshing and relaxing you after your workout has ended.


Black Pepper Oil - Anti-Inflamatory and moisturising properties

Pumice - Powerful exfoliant that helps to slough away dead skin cells

Charcoal Powder - Cleansing, absorbent and antibacterial


Your hair, short or long, is a place where sweat can sit and linger on your scalp long after your workout is finished. Using a Natural Shampoo is the best way to get rid of the build up of grime and achieve shiny, healthy looking hair.

The gel-like formula is full of naturally derived ingredients and is free from nasty ingredients, like Sulphates, to ensure it can be used daily and not cause scalp or hair dryness.


Shea Butter - Natural conditioner that moisturises and soothes skin

L'Arginine - Moisturises the scalp and conditions the hair

Caffeine - Anti-oxidant and helps to stimulate healthy hair growth

TOP TIP: Use a smaller amount of shampoo, lather in hair and massage into scalp, rinse out with warm water and repeat. Doing the process twice dislodges and removes dirt effectively.


The innovative no-running-water-needed formula of our Micellar Cleansing Water means this product is multi-functional when attending the gym.

It can simply be used during your workout as a refreshing mist to cool your face and offer some hydration. Or it can used as a simple way to cleanse your face using Micellar technology as tiny magnets for dirt and sweat on your skin.

If there's no time for a full grooming routine at the end of your workout, simply use this for your face to feel refreshed, appear cleansed and ready to head home.


Panthenol - Contains Vitamin B5 to condition and moisturise skin

Cucumber Extract - Refreshing and revitalising stimulant with anti-aging properties

Aloe Vera - Plant extract with moisturising and soothing properties


When your workout and grooming routine are done, finish with the Original Moisturiser.

Your skin has just been to hell and back trying to cope with your sweating, heat and movement, and then thrown into hot water to cleanse, which means your skin will be in need of hydration. Using a moisturiser with an easily absorbed formula and matt finish will avoid the tacky texture and shiny look when leaving the gym to head home.


Borage Oil - Rich source of GLA, helps to soothe and lock moisture into the skin

L'Arginine - Moisturising and restoring properties to lock hydration into the skin

Caffeine - Anti-oxidant properties that stimulate the skin, helping to reduce puffiness

TOP TIP: If you've hit the weights in your workout and your hands are slightly sore, use a small amount of the moisturiser as an intensive hand cream. The formula will absorb quickly so you're hands won't be left tacky or slippery.