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Gym Bag Essentials

You've probably already been thinking about your summer body and how to achieve it, hitting the gym and getting in shape can be tough… There are going to be days when the gym feels like the last place you want to spend your hard earned relax time - but it doesn’t have to be this way. 


If you feel great, you'll perform great! Make gym visits a pleasure, not a chore, and stock your gym bag with the essentials to take your workout from good to great.


Rinse away all evidence of a tough workout with the Lemon & Oak Shower Gel or Cedarwood Shower Gel (we know everyone has a preference), they’re both packed with essential oils with anti-bacterial properties to help naturally cleanse!


ManCave cedar wood shower gel on a white tiled background with wet, soap suds visible on the left and ManCave lemon and oak shower gel laid out on a soapy, wet grey surface on the right

For the ultimate protection against nasty odours, be sure to pack the Eucalyptus Deodorant - formulated with Tea Tree Oil and Acai Fruit Oil to combat that post-gym stink without wrongfully preventing sweating. Or, if you need more senstivie protection, be sure to chose our Sensitive Deodorant that has been designed with the same formula but is softer on your skin!

ManCave sensitive deodorant on a bed of green moss on the left and ManCave eucalyptus deodorant standing on a wooden surface with a white tiled wall background on the right

Finally, it’s important to thoroughly cleanse your face after a workout so the Willowbark Face Wash is a must for your bag and be sure to follow up with the Original Moisturiser to lock in any lost hydration during your workout.

ManCave willow bark face wash laid out on a distressed wood background on the left and ManCave original moisturiser being squeezed in a mans hand on a background on the right

 Whatever is in your gym bag, keep up the good work! 

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