Prepare your skin for the winter months!


The cold months wreak absolute havock on our skin, from the bitter wind outside to the central heating at work and home, everything is out there to dry our skin out to the max. Here's some handy tips to keep your skin hydrated and happy:


- Create a barrier between your skin and the outside world. Using a product like our Anti-Pollution Face Serum will mean the nutrients will lock into your skin while not being disturbed by outside pollutants that can make your skin dull, rough and prematurely aged.


- Moisturise daily. Don't be afraid to layer it on top of other products you use, just make sure to lock in the most hydration you can before heading out on your winter adventures. If you're looking for added SPF protection from the harsh winter sun, using our SPF 20 Protective Moisturiser does both jobs effectively. 


- Cleanse gently. Your skin needs to be cleansed in a way that doesn't encourage dry patches to appear on cheeks or around the mouth which is where the wind bites the most, so using a product that requires no running water is the perfect solution. Our Micellar Cleansing Water is a soft, gentle alternativde to traditional facial cleansers as it only needs a few sprays and a cotton wool pad (or flannel) to achieve the best results.


- Hydrate while you sleep. Let your moisturiser do all the work while you're sound asleep, apply a layer after cleansing and before bed to let it sink in! Our Original or Sensitive Moisturiser is perfect for the job as they're quickly and easily absorbed without leaving any greasy residue for you to wake up to, instead your skin will be soft, supple and ready to start your day.


Whatever you do to your skin this winter, keep it happy!