The Best Products for Oily Skin

Oily skin is a very complex skin type that has many causes, remedies and myths. Not everyone who thinks they have oily skin, actually does. Some of you out there will have combination skin, which is a skin type defined as "a type of facial complexion characterised by an oily forehead, nose, and chin and relatively dry cheeks". Whether you have oily or combination, it's time to figure out which products are best for you to get the most out of your skincare routine.

Oily skin be caused by lots of things, including age, where you live, enlarged pores, genetics and more but it can also be caused by your skincare routine; using the wrong skin care products (e.g. using thick, heavy creams when you actually have combination skin and need a lighter cream) or overdoing your skincare routine (e.g. using a face scrub too often stripping your skin of its natural oils so much so that your glands go into overdrive producing too much oil to compensate).


MYTH: You need to wash your face more often during a day when you have oily skin 🚫

Cleansing is probably the most effective & efficient way to help control excess oil & shine appearing on the surface of your skin. But it isn't true that your skin needs to be washed more often when you have oily skin, it actually has the opposite effect as your skin will go into emergency mode when too much of its natural oil is being stripped away & will produce more oil to compensate for the loss.

Cleansing with specifically targeted products, like our Oil Defence Face Wash, that are free from Parabens & Sulphates up to twice a day only will get rid of the majority of excess oil sitting on your skins surface as the cleansing ingredients will gently break down the oil and the water will wash it away.

If you have sensitive skin, alongside your oily skin type, it's important to use a cleanser that will work the best for you & provide the results that are needed. This will be in the form of a water based cleanser, like our Micellar Cleansing Water, as there is no need for running water, which can further disrupt the oil that your skin produces by drying it out.


MYTH: Exfoliating everyday will get rid of excess oil 🚫

Exfoliation is a tricky game. Too little & you won't effectively get rid of dead skin cells, excess oil & debris from your skins surface; too much & it will trigger your skin to produce more oil as it overcompensates for being too dried out.

With this in mind, it's key to work out what's best for your skin, as following someone else's routine won't necessarily produce the best results for you; everyones skin is different & needs to be treated that way. Generally, start exfoliating once a week to see what effect it has, but once every other day for extremely oily skin would be part of a good skincare routine.

The actual product used should be carefully thought about too, as the wrong ingredients (e.g. too abrasive, too moisturising, oil based etc.) can have a negative effect on your skins surface. Ingredients like Charcoal Powder, which can be found in our Oil Defence Face Scrub, are great for oily skin types. It helps to draw dirt & excess oil off the surface which allows for oil production, blocked pores & acne to be effectively, gently treated.


MYTH: Moisturiser causes or exaggerates oily skin 🚫

Moisturiser is extremely important & should always be the last step to anyones cleansing routine. That's with any skin type as, without moisturiser, anybody's skin will dry out! The myth that moisturisers should not be used on oily skin is just that; a myth, as this skin type could be argued to dry out more than others after cleansing.

There are lots of types of moisturisers around to chose from, with some much better suited to oily skin. Lightweight cream or water based formulas are best due to not sitting too heavily on the skin as a moisturising layer, but sinking in effectively to hydrate without leaving a shine. Ensuring your moisturiser is 'oil-free' will also be the best thing for oily skin types. All of these beneficial aspects have been packed into our Oil Defence Moisturiser!