Smelling Fresh Starts in the Shower

Every man has their go-to fragrance, whether that’s aftershave or cologne, but we feel that smelling fresh should always start in the shower.
A shower is a sacred place. Not only is it where you start your day, or where random life musings take place, it's also where your fragrance journey should begin. Using your time in the shower wisely with an effective shower gel is key to smelling fresh for all that life can throw at you that day.


ManCave cedar wood shower gel held in mans hand on a white tiled background


Using our Cedarwood Shower Gel will give you the invigorating moisture boost it needs and surround your bathroom with a deep forest fragrance to give you the freedom of the forest right in your bathroom. 
This shower gel is formulated using L-Arginine and Tea Tree Oil to cleanse the skin thoroughly while also protecting its natural barriers. The added essence of Cedarwood and Black Pepper Oil allows the skin to be fully nourished, moisturised and hydrated.


ManCave lemon and oak shower gel held in mans hand in front of a white tiled wall

If the forest isn’t quite your natural habitat, our Lemon and Oak Shower Gel is a different uplifting experience with the lemon oil’s naturally cleansing properties readily available to wash away your skins stresses. 
This shower gel isn't your average shower companion, it actually has anti-bacterial properties that help to naturally cleanse skin without stripping it of it's own moisture. To aid with hydration it also contains, L-Arginine, Aloe Vera and Bergomot Oil that combine to create an essential mix of essential oils to turn your bathroom into a aromatherapeutic experience. 
Smelling fresh definitely starts in the shower, and you may never want to get out....