Get Date Ready This Valentine's

Are you ready for your Valentine’s plans? 
If you’re not quite pre-date perfect yet then we’re here to help.. with your grooming routine at least. The actual date is up to you.
You’ve made the outfit and venue choice, but this list will give you the knowledge you need to have your hair, face and body smelling and looking fresh.


A set of 3 ManCave products (left to right) Caffeine Shampoo, Cedarwood Shower Gel and Lemon and Oak Shower Gel held by a man's hands on a white, tiled background


Step One: The Shower.
The shower is where your grooming routine should begin with a effective shower gel to cleanse away the days activities and rejuvenate your skin ready for the adventures of the evening ahead. Our Cedarwood Shower Gel hydrates with the use of Tea Tree Oil and Black Pepper Oil, accompanied with the deep forest fragrance, it’s the perfect way to gain a confidence boost before heading out. Our Lemon and Oak Shower Gel offers a rich citrusy burst of fragrance and moisturises with the use of Aloe Vera and Bergamot Oil, to add a bounce to every step.
In the interest of being fully prepared, your hair should also be touchably soft: this can be achieved with the use of our Caffeine Shampoo. Ingredients like Caffeine to stimulate healthy hair growth, Panthenol to soothe your scalp and Shea Butter to ensure your locks are hydrated. 


A set of two ManCave products: Blackspice Beard Wash and Blackspice Beard Control held in a man's hands on a white tiled background


Step Two: The Beard.

Now you’ve spent time sorting out your body, it’s time to focus on your face. Aside from using our Original Moisturiser on your skin to ensure the moisture isn’t lost and give your skin that well looked after glow, your beard needs attention too. 
Our Blackspice Beard Wash should be used to cleanse any unwanted impurities from your beard and underneath skin, and rehydrate the beard hair with Jojoba Oil. Coupled with our Blackspice Beard Control to condition and tame your hair into your favourite style. 


A ManCave Conditioning Style Cream being opened by a man's hands on a white tiled background


Step Three: The Hair.
Do you always think your entire look isn’t quite right if your hair isn’t in place? 
Well we agree, which is why our Conditioning Style Cream gives flexible control and ‘frizz-free’ definition to make sure your hair style evolves with the events of your night. The combination of L-Arginine and natural wax conditions the hair while holding its style to ensure your hair is left feeling soft and stylish. 
With this list at your disposal your date night is sure to start off with a bang, and who knows how your adventure will end...