The NEW Face + Stubble Daily Cleanser 🙌🏻

And Why You Should Be Using It!


This week we launched the newest member of the ManCave family: our Face + Stubble Daily Cleanser
This daily cleanser has been designed to soothe and moisturise your skin, while specifically conditioning your stubble. Due to the naturally derived ingredients in this cleanser, it caters for both and ensures the hair and skin are moisturised in a non-greasy and gentle way. 
The cleanser has been specifically formulated for sensitive skin and is dermatologically tested, containing soft natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Panthenol, so that even the most reactive skin can be soothed by the natural elements. 


A ManCave Face and Stubble Cleanser on a dark wooden background

Now, down to business...
Our new Face + Stubble Daily Cleanser has been specifically formulated to look after your stubble and your skin underneath it, and in this blog we’ll tell you why you should use this product to maintain majestic stubble.
Stubble has the appearance of apparent unkempt ruggedness, but it actually needs to be maintained and looked after to have that perfect 5 o’clock shadow look all through the day!
Setting up camp in the middle ground between a clean-shaven face and full-on bearded glory is an art in itself. Growing stubble can be done for many reasons and, in recent years, has become a popular stance to take with facial hair, if the full blown beard isn’t your thing. Which is why we’ve developed and released our new product with you guys in mind! 
A ManCave Face and Stubble Cleanser on a tree stump with wood shavings
Fighting the itch!
When on the quest for full mountain-man bearded glory, getting through the itchy phase is manageable as the hairs will grow and no longer be as sharp. But when trying to achieve the perfect stubble, the hairs staying at a shorter length means you’re stuck in the itchy part of the process, which is why the use of a product to soften the hair and keep the hair follicles from being dry is essential. 
Our Face + Stubble Daily Cleanser is a creamy texture that conditions the stubble hair with soft ingredients like Panthenol, which is a provitamin of B5, that moisturises and hydrates the hair and face. This means your stubble won’t be sharp and stabby, but soft and conditioned.


Acne and In Grown Hair Problems!
Switching from clean shaven to bearded heaven can be a bumpy road, especially with the way your skin naturally reacts to a change of hair circumstances as the hair pushes through. Staying at a constant shorter length for fans of stubble, means you have to trim the hair more often and are more likely to have some in grown hair related annoyances. Fear not, there’s an easy solution: cleansing! Your facial hair will pick up dust, dirt and bacteriaeveryday, which is why it’s recommended to wash your beard twice daily to minimise the effect the bacteria will have.
Our Face + Stubble Daily Cleanser has been formulated to be used daily without drying out the hair through over-washing, which means it can be used daily to minimise the effect of nasty hair problems without causing new ones. One of the cleansers ingredients is Aloe Vera, which contains proteolytic enzymes that repairs dead hair cells, as well as conditioning the hair and promoting healthy hair growth to keep your stubble looking full and shaped!
Moisturising is key!
Facial hair is only as good as the face it grows on! Looking after your skin is the number one priority for growing healthy looking stubble or beards, as the hydration that your skin receives filters through to your hair too. Using a cleansing product that can cater for both your stubble and the skin underneath eliminates the problem and means that there’s no worries that one product will undo the hard work of another. 
A ManCave Face and Stubble Cleanser from the back showing the list of ingredients
Our Face + Stubble Daily Cleanser says it all in the title: it’s a cleanser designed for your face and stubble! The cleanser is full of hydrating and moisturising naturally derived ingredients, which is why it’s suitable for sensitive skin and has been dermotologically tested.