Why use an SPF Moisturiser?

Title image 'Why it's important to use an SPF moisturiser'
After the launch of our Protective Moisturiser, formulated with SPF 20 and Radicare for optimum protection, we thought we should explain why using an SPF is so important for your skin.
More than 100,000 new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year in the UK and stats show that 4/5 cases could have been avoided with better protection.
Sunlight reaches your skin even on cloudy days and even exposing your skin to relatively small amounts of sunlight will still be enough to cause some photo ageing, so an SPF can be used to help to reduce the signs of ageing by preventing unnecessary sun-related damage such as wrinkles, brown spots, sunburn and dryness.
Formulated with Radicare ® and other UV blocking ingredients, our Protective Moisturiser offers SPF 20 sun protection to ensure that you’re prepared for wherever the day may take you. It has been specifically designed to leave skin feeling refreshed and protected, without leaving a thick, heavy residue behind like a regular sun screen. This product is made to protect you in the great outdoors with Rosehip Oil & Vitamin E both protecting your skin from environmental pollution while moisturising and soothing your skin.