Products for your suitcase this summer

If you’re heading away this summer then it’s time to start planning what you’ll need to stay fresh on your holidays… And that’s where we come in. Our range of natural grooming gear will ensure you’re ready for whatever your adventure has in store for you this summer. Not got a large baggage allowance or only taking hand luggage? Don’t worry, most of our products are 100ml or less - making them your hand luggage saviours this summer!


For the beach holiday, you’ll need:

Protective Moisturiser

Including SPF 20 for effortless daily protection against sun damage and Radicare to help reduce signs of premature ageing.

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Eucalyptus Deodorant

Formulated with antibacterial agents to help prevent bad odours wherever you’re on the beach, by the pool or on a trek!

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Caffeine Shampoo

To ensure that your hair is kept clean without stripping it of natural oils, use our Caffeine Shampoo, ideal for washing away pesky sand and sun cream build up.

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Lemon & Oak and Cedarwood Shower Gel

A bare necessity after the heavy build up of sunscreen, sweat and sand on your body

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Olivestone Face Scrub

You may think that you’ve had enough of a scrub from the sand on the beach, but a gentle exfoliation will help to remove the build up of sunscreen on your face

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