Welcome the NEW Matt Hair Clay!

You've had the slick look, you've tried the texturised look, but now you just want a look that's a bit more... natural and effortless looking. Our NEW Matt Hair Clay holds hair perfectly in place whilst being weightless, not hindering hair growth, and like your hair naturally holds itself that way!


Made with Shea Butter, L-Arginine & Grapeseed Oil, the clay keeps its hold whilst working with your hair to nourish and moisturise throughout the day, so when washed out, your hair feels even better than it did before.

A natural and smooth after feel comes from a blend of hydrating, naturally occurring Amino Acids already found in the skin, with Grapeseed Oil and Caffeine acting as antioxidants and stimulants to encourage healthy hair growth.

It contains the perfect blend of natural waxes to effortlessly create almost any style, and the Naturally Derived Ingredients are designed to soothe an irritated scalp and calm redness.