The Rise of Anti-Pollution Products.. But What Do They Do?

We have released our NEW Anti-Pollution Serum and we want to discuss the effects that pollution can have on our skin and why you should be defending yourself against it!

In the world we're living in today, it's hard to miss hearing about the pollution levels plagueing countries and the citizens of those contries in their everyday life. Car emissions are being monitored, the outputs of businesses being continually noticed.. but what is all of this doing to the biggest organ in our bodies, our skin?

"92% of the worlds population live in places where air pollution exceeds safe limits"

The skincare industry recognises the significance of protecting our skin from the effects of pollution, as it's something that's rarely been thought about in the past, but could be as important as using an SPF protection as a barrier between your skin and the world around you!

There is a clearly defined relationship between air quality and skin conditions, which is down to what the air we're breathing actually contains. It's estimated to be 224 toxic chemicals, according to MD Magazine, including the likes of pesticides, heavy metals, diesel fumes and cigarette smoke are out there to harm the most important organ we have, our skin, with the effects of this 'urban dust' ranging from skin irritation and blocked pores, to premature ageing and organ damage. 

Even with better lifestyle choices, such as increased water consumption and the cleansing of the skin, those living in highly polluted areas will still find their skin dull, dehydrated and susceptible to conditions, like eczema and irritation. Using a product that is specifically designed to act as a Natural barrier between your skin and the outside world is a way to maintain your skins health.

Our NEW Anti-Pollution Serum is formulated to help strengthen the skin’s natural barriers and defend against the environmental pollutants that cause visible signs of stress to skin, such as dryness, irritation, and dullness.

Including Caffeine in the serum allows it to provide anti-inflammatory properties that help to protect from irritation, whilst Marrubium Vulgare Extract helps to stimulate the skin's natural antioxidants and fight against pollution damage to the skin, using what’s naturally there.

Of course, the Serum is Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.