Festival Essentials!

Summer is now in full swing with Festival Season upon us filled with unique weekends spent making memories with loved ones as live music plays all around.. And while the atmosphere is dreamy, your skin, hair and body might not look (or feel!) the same way! We've put together a guide on being festival ready by making clever product selections for your big weekends 🎪

1. Cleansing Your Face! 😎

You know you won't have a hotel bathroom to spend precious time completing your grooming routine in for the weekend, so an on-the-go option is an essential part of your packing. This comes in the form of a Micellar Water due to the fact there's no need for water! It is the perfect way to clear your skin of dirt (literally) and debris with a simple spray and wipe away of excess to ensure your skin is looked after with little thought.


2. Hair Style Issues. 😳

You've got to the festival with your hairstyle on point, go to bed for the first night and wake up to the horror of grease everywhere, hair in disarray and nowhere to wash out the product from the previous day. Choosing something with a water based formula, like our Water Based Hair Pomade, is an easy way to fix all your hair issues; it is easy to apply, easy to restyle simply by adding a splash of water or simply brush it out and begin again!

3. Stay As Fresh As Possible. 🌿

Not having access to a full bathroom suite does't mean you can't stay fresh for as long as possible. Using a Deodorant that's easy to apply, like a roll on formula leaving no white marks on clothing and a airy Eucalytptus scent, means you can be rest assured that you won't smell like you've spent the weekend in a field!

Whatever plans you have this festival season, make memories and stay safe! 🙌🏻