The ManCave Beard Regime

To grow a beard is a relatively hard task in itself, but maintaining a healthy look and feel for your beard hair AND the skin underneath *breathe* needs slightly more maintenance. We came up with a simple 3-step regime to effectively solve the issues surrounding beard maintenance with our formulations of Naturally Derived Ingredients.


The Blackspice Beard Wash is the place to start with anything to do with looking after your beard. Using a decent Natural wash designed specifically to look after facial hair, is as important as shampooing the hair on your head to keep the hair looking glossy and healthy.

WHAT IT DOES: Washing your beard will remove any previous styling product build up and unwanted impurities from the beard hair and skin underneath. Washing the beard hairs regularly means styling and shaping is easier as the hair acts as one body, not separate straggly strands.

HOW TO USE: Use a Beard Wash exactly as you'd use a shampoo for your hair. A few drops with warm water will create a lather that should be massaged into the beard hair and left for a minute or two before being rinsed out with warm water.

WHEN TO USE: The Beard Wash can be used daily, if preferred, as the Naturally Derived Ingredients won’t dry out the hairs or skin underneath. Alternatively, every other day would also work well to keep your beard cleansed and refreshed.


The Blackspice Beard Control is where taming and styling your majestic beard comes in. Ensuring your beard looks good, not messy and bushy around the edges, requires a product to provide shape and slight hold to the hair to keep it from looking unkempt.

WHAT IT DOES:Using a Beard Control will help to hold the hairs in place for a more purposely styled look, while also conditioning the hairs with ingredients like L'Arginine and Shea Butter. It can be used as an alternative to a Beard Oil or as well as, it's entirely personal.

HOW TO USE: Use the Beard Control after washing and drying the beard thoroughly. Use a small amount rubbed between hands to warm up the formula, can then be styled with just the hands or a comb used for a more precise look.

WHEN TO USE: It can be applied after every wash, even if that’s daily, as the lightweight formula won’t make the hair feel greasy or weigh down the hair with product.


The Blackspice Beard Oil is an essential part of the beard grooming regime to ensure the beard hairs, and also the skin underneath, is kept conditioned and softened. Both the hair and the skin need to be conditioned to ensure dryness is kept at bay, as the portion of the face being covered by the beard needs more attention to let hydration sink through the hairs to the surface.

WHAT IT DOES:Using a Beard Oil regularly will condition the hairs so that, over time, the hairs themselves will become softer and more easy to manage and style. The hair will appear glossy and well groomed.

HOW TO USE: Use the Beard Oil at the end of your grooming regime, after or instead of, the Beard Control. Use a few drops rubbed between the hands to warm up the formula and simply rub into the beard.

WHEN TO USE: A Beard Oil can be used daily, either on top or or instead of the Beard Control, to soften the hairs overall and create a glossy, well-looked-after look. The Beard Oil can also be used whenever the hair feels dry or scratchy, like after being out in windy weather or sitting in a heated office all day, to give your beard hair the boost they need.