The Benefits of Blue Light Filters in Your Skincare

Do you own a phone, work on a computer, or walk outside when it's sunny? If the answer is yes, then you're regularly exposed to blue light.

Blue light damage presents itself in all kinds of way on the skin, from increased inflammation through to discolouration. That's why it's important to factor blue light pollution into your skincare routine and use a product that protects your skin from not just atmospheric pollution.



The average person spends around 4 hours on their phone every single day, and that doesn't even take into account the time spent looking at your work computer or laptop...

According to Mintel, high-energy visible light (HEVL) can reduce skin’s antioxidant levels and disrupts healthy sleep patterns due to using smartphones late at night.

Clinical studies have also implicated HEVL in a reduction in carotenoids (antioxi­dants) levels in the skin and inducing hyperpig­mentation in light-to-medium brown skin, significantly more than UVB exposed skin.


We know it sounds complicated, but Marrubium Vulgare Extract (also known as White Horehound) is a medicinal plant that was used heavily in ancient Roman times to treat respiratory disorders and indigestion.

Today, it is frequently used in skincare due to it's ability to protect the skin and fight against free radicals... It also contains properties that make it a great ingredient to protect your skin from damaging blue light coming from your screens. Marrubium is an anti-pollution active, which makes for a global solution against different forms of pollution as well as blue light.

This ingredient is included in our Anti-Pollution Face Serum, and helps to protect your skin from the blue light pollution that your skin is becoming more and more exposed to.