Festival Dos & Don'ts

It's easy to assume that all games are off when it comes to grooming at a festival, but it's arguably one of the most important times to get your grooming routine in order

No one wants to share a tent with a guy who forgot his deodorant or (hasn't washed his face for 3 days) But at the same time, you don't want to spend your entire time with a 10 step skincare routine that will stop you seeing your favourite act.

That's why we've listed some key festival dos and don'ts for a simple but effective grooming routine: minimum effort, maximum effect


💧 Use a Micellar Water for easy on-the-go cleansing, with no rinsing required 👌🏽

🌿 Take a natural deodorant (obviously), the last thing you want is to be stinking out your tent ⛺️

☀️ Keep applying SPF throughout the weekend, the last thing you want to ruin your day is sunburn 😡



✋🏽 Apply moisturiser onto dirty skin, this will cause breakouts and trap bacteria on the skin 😷

💦 Forget to drink water, it's super important to stay hydrated to keep skin clear (and counteract the 🍻)