Stay Home & Stay Motivated

As a lot of people will probably be staying home a lot more in the coming weeks, we thought we'd compile a list of things that are helping us to stay happy & productive at home.


Take a small "commute" in the morning

Dedicate 15 - 20 minutes in the morning to a quick walk in open air. This will help to set your mind for the day and mark the start of your working day. Even 20 minutes of daily brisk walking is beneficial to maintain a healthy brain.

Try to create some work/life separation and set up a dedicated workspace

While this may not be an option for some people, try to set up a dedicated space at your kitchen table where you'll be working during office hours.

Be sure not to stay in your pyjamas all day

We get it, the idea of staying in your loungewear when your home all day can be pretty tempting. But it’s important to stay fresh and clean to keep productivity levels high.

Keep up your grooming routine

Treat your grooming routine as a way to start/end your day. It’s a great activity that allows you to focus your mind on something physical and engages your thoughts into something productive.


Relax and refresh with aromatherapeutic fragrances

Start your day as you usually would, with a refreshing shower filled with aromas to uplift your senses. You can end your day with calming aromatherapeutic scents like Lavender and Bergamot, present in our Cedarwood Shower Gel.

What are you doing to help keep up your productivity levels at home? Let us know on social or drop in for a chat at