Protect Your Skin Over the Winter Months

Winter weather wreaks all kinds of havoc on facial skin even on those whose complexions are normally trouble-free. Although the rest of your body may be bundled uptight when you go outdoors, your face is usually exposed to at least some degree, making it vulnerable to chapping and drying from cold temperatures and biting winds. Even on days and nights when wild weather conditions don’t apply, atmospheric humidity levels are much lower in the winter months. These factors combined with the drying effects of indoor heating systems make it essential for those who want to maintain smooth, supple skin to make a habit of using moisturiser in the winter.
A selection of three ManCave products: (from left to right) Protective Moisturiser, Sensitive Moisturiser and Original Moisturiser on a grey background
Original Moisturiser 100ml  
The ManCave Original Moisturiser, as a “Natural Defence” product, provides a layer of protection against the harshness of the weather. Formulated with bio-actives to create a soothing and easily absorbed formula which leaves a smooth and matte finish to your skin. Borage Oil has a high level of GLA which means that it provides benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties - whats more it provides growth and healing benefits. 
Sensitive Moisturiser 100ml 
If you have more sensitive skin than others, not to fear- the Sensitive Moisturiser is here. Sensitive skin over the winter months needs more protection and soothing than other types. As well as the weather, central heating causes the skin to dry out and tighten so a moisturiser in your daily routine is essential. This moisturiser is formulated with Aloe Vera, Cucumber and Nordic Cotton which provides skin soothing, anti-inflammatory properties, whilst Shea Butter provides the moisture your skin needs.
Protective Moisturiser 100ml
The ManCave Protective Moisturiser as well as providing protection has SPF 20 and Anti-Aging properties for extra protection against more than just the harsh weather. This is provided through the use of Radicare®, Rosehip Oil, Jojoba, Shea Butter and White Tea.
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