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Zack George - UK's official fittest man


Zack George

Crossfit athlete

Introducing the UK’s Official Fittest Man 2020, Cross-fit Athlete and Author Zack George. Zack started his fitness journey at a young age; after ditching junk food and focusing on his health Zack became involved in his school's rugby team, which then evolved into a passion for the gym. This is where he found his love for Crossfit - and this was only the start! Zack's incredible achievements include placing 1st in the UK and 26th worldwide in the CrossFit Open in 2020. With sights on reaching the Crossfit Games next year, we can't wait to see what else Zack accomplishes.  

Zack uses his time in the shower to prepare for the day ahead, planning out his training sessions and getting ready for the stress he is about to put his body through. Our products are formulated with aromatherapeutic fragrances help to de-stress and calm the mind, coupled with natural ingredients to keep your skin looking and feeling it's best.



To do your best, you have to feel your best.

The benefits of establishing a good personal care routine go well beyond just improving physical appearance. Creating your own skincare routine to practice day and night, will help you feel good, both inside and out.




Best everyday product:

Sensitive Face Wash

A gentle face wash that cleanses and nourishes without overdrying the skin.

Detoxifies the skin with Aloe Vera, removing dirt without causing irritation to ensure skin is not left stripped


Key ingredients:

Cucumber - Astringent properties that help to soothe and cool the skin

Aloe Vera - Plant extract with moisturising and soothing properties

White Tea - Powerful anti-inflammatory packed with antioxidants to treat skin



Favourite Shower Gel fragrance:

Aloe and Pine Shower Gel

A soothing sensitive shower gel which gently cleanse without over-drying the skin


Key ingredients:

Aloe Vera - Soothing and anti-inflammatory properties

Cucumber - Fights to reduce inflammation and soothe with calming properties

L'Arginine - Moisturising and restoring properties to lock hydration into the skin



Must have post-workout product:

Caffeine Body Lotion

A hydrating body lotion to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Revives dry, scaly and dull skin with nourishing Shea Butter and Caffeine.




Key ingredients:

Shea Butter - A natural conditioner that soothes, moisturises & softens

L'Arginine - Moisturises and repairs the skin while locking in hydration.

Aloe Vera - Plant extract with moisturising and soothing properties


It’s time to prioritise your self care...
Fuel your personal care routine with naturally derived ingredients to bring lasting benefits to your mind and body.

"Being an athlete I’m obviously putting myself in a lot of pain every single day and forcing my body through physical stress.


You’ve got to make sure you’re focusing on your recovery and treating your mind and body with the same level of priority when it comes to self-care."


Motivation from Zack:

Start When Others Stop.

"The hard work at times may feel like it's not enough, but trust the process, continue to show up, stay persistent, stay consistent and I gaurantee it will all be worth it"


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Run your own race and focus on becoming the best version. Fuel your personal-care routine using ManCave products.