Ever wondered what a face scrub actually does? Timely exfoliation of your skin reduces the occurrence of blocked pores, blackheads and ingrown hairs. Put a new face forward (quite literally) with the ManCave Olivestone Face Scrub, enriched with natural actives and 12 essential oils.  Fine granules of Olive Stone create a textured, creamy abrasion to coerce the dead skin cells and debris from your face, improving cell turnover and unveiling the new skin beneath. Our Face Scrub uses skin conditioning Vitamin-E to keep skin hydrated during the cleansing process, as well as L'Arginine and Aloe Vera to help reinvigorate and energise skin, hydrating new cells while having a smoothing effect. 

How to use: Apply onto wet skin, massage onto face and neck in small circular motions then rinse with warm water. For best results, use thrice weekly. Follow up with ManCave Moisturiser to hydrate skin.