This Micellar Water gently and effectively cleanses the skin using micelles as magnets to attract impurities such as dirt and sweat and remove them from the skin. The revolutionary product requires no rinsing, just a cotton pad, making it an essential for when time is limited but you don’t want to compromise on your grooming routine. Packed with Cucumber and Aloe Vera, our no-rinse formula avoids any potential irritation or inflammation caused by hot water or unnecessary scrubbing. Skin is also left feeling soft and moisturised with Vitamin B5 to help avoid stripping the skin of beneficial oils. This product is dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin. Those with dry skin actually suffer from a disruption in their production of sebum and moisture regulation. Many cleansers can often exacerbate this problem by drying the skin out further, especially when used with hot water. With Micellar Water, no extra water is required as the dirt is removed using Micellar technology – leaving your skin clean and hydrated.

How to use: Apply Micellar Water onto cotton wool pad and wipe over the face and neck. Repeat until pad comes away clean. Use morning and/ or night. No need to rinse.