Our products contain natural ingredients combined with carefully selected, man-made ingredients to provide supreme performance at a fair price.

We're proud in the knowledge that all of our products are made here in the UK, in factories run by people we know & trust.

Follow our products from empty to filled with our natural goodness... Our tubes are one of the first to take advantage of advanced IML packaging technology which makes our tubed products recyclable in one easy process. The PP tube sleeve is injected through a pre-printed PP label, which is formed into a hollow cylinder. The two components then come together and the PP caps are then added. Because all three elements are PP it means that you don't have to take off the label or cap to recycle them. The tubes arrive at the warehouse empty and are then injected with our bulk product🌿 After this the top is sealed by pressing the edges together and heating/melting them together before popping out the machine as the finished item 🌟 Then the products start their journey to your bathroom after being carefully packed by our eagle eyed quality control officers 👀

Check out our photo-series below to follow the product journey: