How to layer your ManCave Products 🌿⁠

Follow the simple steps below for how to layer your ManCave ⁠products!

Step 1: Cleanse the skin using one of our Face Wash's to remove dirt and debris. Massage onto wet skin, then gently rinse with clean water.⁠

Step 2: Exfoliate the skin, thrice weekly is recommended, using our Olivestone or Oil Defence Face Scrub. ⁠

Step 3: Tone the skin by spraying 4 - 6 pumps of our Hydrating Toner Spray directly onto the face and neck. ⁠

Step 4: Apply the Serum of your choice to the specified area, such as the Anti-fatigue Eye Gel. A little goes a long way. ⁠

Step 5. Finish by applying a moisturiser to your face and neck until it full absorbed. Choose one that is suited to your skin type. ⁠