The NEW Micellar Water!

Micellar Water sounds like a fancy product that females gaze longingly at through a high end shop window, right? Well it shouldn’t be!


Micellar Water is a very simple product made up of micelles (tiny balls of cleansing oil molecules) suspended in soft water with the idea that micelles are attracted to oil and dirt and will, therefore, draw out dirt and impurities from the skin without drying it out. It’s as simple as that!



ManCave have released a Micellar Water that's designed to be soft, cleansing, refreshing and moisturising. In our true style, it’s packed with Naturally Derived Ingredients, is Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free Certified! 🌿 🚫


If you need more convincing, here’s 5 reasons why Micellar Water should be your go-to product for your skin:


1. It’s a one-step wonder! There’s no washing required so save your water and extra time, all you need are cotton wool pads to wipe it across your skin, no fuss or mess!


2. It’s amazing for any skin type, including sensitive! Due to the no washing aspect, the ingredients have to be made soft enough to cleanse the skin while not irritating or striping it, which is why it contains no abrasive ingredients like soap or alcohol.


3. Speed up your morning routine! If you’re always running late due to giving your skin some much deserved TLC, using Micellar Water can cut your pamper time in half while still giving your skin all the love it needs to battle the day


4. Stay spot free! The cleansing agents in all micellar waters naturally cleanse away all debris from the skin allowing the pores to be clear to help fight breakouts, with the added bonus of no scrubbing with a face cloth or harsh water! 


5. It travels well! For all the adventurers out there, micellar water is easily transported from place to place with no fuss: No wash cloths, no running water, no problem!