The Benefits of Jojoba Oil in Your Skincare and Grooming Products

A title image 'The benefits of having jojoba oil in our grooming products
Jojoba contains almost all the vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy skin and hair. Vitamin E, B-Comprex, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine and Chromium. It’s also gentle enough for sensitive skin and doesn't cause allergic reaction. 


For Moisture
Soaps and most other skin cleaning agents strip the skin of the sebum that skin glands produce to lubricate the skin and protect it from drying out. Every time we wash our face and hands, even with plain water, we’re removing a protective layer of sebum along with dust and grime. Being a waxy substance, Jojoba oil can seal in the moisture and create an effective barrier to external elements. It is so structurally close to the secretion of the sebaceous glands in the skin that it is readily accepted and tolerated.


For Oily Skin
When it comes to shiny faces this ingredient mimics the activity of your body’s natural oils, so your skin won’t overdo the recreation of oils. Oily skin can quickly gather dust from the environment and make frequent washing necessary. Not only does it look unsightly and make you feel uncomfortable, it can be the starting point of many skin problems such as seborrheic dermatitis, acne, and dandruff. When the skin remains well hydrated by the protective layer of the liquid wax, the sebaceous glands respond to it by down regulating sebum production.

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For Thinning or Dry Hair

Jojoba oil controls hair loss is by helping the follicles grow new hair. There are sebaceous glands inside each hair follicle. As the hair shaft grows out of the follicle, it carries a coating of sebum that protects the hair. The sebum and other debris can sometimes clog the follicle, preventing the smooth growth of the hair. Jojoba oil can easily seep into the follicles and dissolve the sebum buildup, clearing up the blockage and facilitating the growth of new hair. The vitamins and minerals in the oil can nourish the skin and improve the overall health of the scalp, or the skin underneath your facial hair. 


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