Summer Skin: How to look after it!

As much as we love the long days of summer and everything that comes with them, it can take a toll on your skin. Warm weather posing problems such as excess sweating, UV rays, and lack of moisture, so although you may be relaxing, your skin won’t be if left to suffer!

It is possible to keep both you and your skin enjoying the sun; by taking the time for a bit of self care to ensure that summer leaves you feeling (and looking) better off!


Everyone loves sunbathing, but the sun radiates damaging UV rays that can cause external and internal problems for your skin. Combating these problems can be easy and have positive effects on your health, as well as your look. UV filters help to prevent UV damage to the skin, both short and long term, combating things like ageing, skin damage, or health risks such as skin cancer caused from excess UV exposure. 

Our SPF 20 Protective Moisturiser is the perfect defense and an extremely important addition to your summer skincare routine! 


After a long summer day, it's a well known problem to have skin feel dry, dull, or tight. Sweat production to cool the body and the drying qualities in the sun can leave your skin with little moisture, making it more prone to oiliness, dullness, and aging. The ManCave Sensitive Moisturiser and Original Moisturiser ensure that your skin gets the all important hydration that it needs to replenish and absorb the sun’s goodness instead of suffer negative side effects. Prepared with a blend of the famous Aloe Vera and White tea with intense soothing and hydrating properties, our moisturisers can hydrate and treat sunburn if you spend a little longer out in the sun than planned...


A continual build up of oils, sweat, and dead skin are essential to be cleared away in order to prevent breakouts and dull skin. Washing in warmer months can be drying and feel like it’s doing more harm than good, which is why ManCave Face Washes are essential, their natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera ensure that they cleanse and soothe simultaneously for optimum hydration. Our skincare range includes Willowbark Face Wash and Sensitive Face Wash to ensure that there is no build of dirt on the skin that can become trapped in pores and cause problems, to cleanse in a soft and gentle way.

If you're a member of the stubble brigade, using a typical Face Wash can sometimes dry out the skin underneath your stubble and even the hair itself, due to not necessarily being made with targeted ingredients to combat the different textures at the same time. ManCave has designed a Face + Stubble Daily Cleanser for this exact reason, to condition the hair as well as soothing and moisturising the skin underneath. On warm summer days, the skin underneath your stubble may be the most dried out, and nobody wants that to flake and throw your #beardgame off!


The often forgotten layer of cleansing, is even more essential in the summer as it teases out dirt from the pores, and removes dead skin for a smooth finish with minimal breakouts. The ManCave OliveStone Face Scrub uses fine grains of Olive Stone Powder to exfoliate and smooth skin while Horse Chestnut extract hydrates. The Naturally Derived Ingredients aim to ensure that the most important element of your skin, its moisture, is retained!

Most importantly, ManCave products are Cruelty-Free, Vegan and Naturally Derived, so what’s better than enjoying the outdoors this summer whilst knowing you’re not harming the planet?