New Gift Sets To Match ManCave's New Look!

A title image depicting 3 ManCave Gift sets, including (from left to right) The Sensitive Skincare set, The Survival Set and the Original Skincare set with the title 'Introducing the new gifting range'
With the recent redesign of the whole ManCave range, we thought it was about time that we released 4 new sets to match the new look and feel of the updated range.
Each of the new gift sets are 100% recyclable, following our ethos to make ManCave products as green as physically possible, whilst still maintaining their signature premium feel. In addition to this, the same topographic details, mountain graphics and bear icons have been included in the design, to truly embody the sense of adventure that ManCave.
The new gifting range will include the following sets: Sensitive SkinCare Gift Set, Original Skincare Gift Set, Blackspice Beard Set and the new and updated Survival Set.
The Sensitive Skincare Set
The Sensitive Skincare Set has been designed to provide a simple two-step regime that helps to soothe sensitivities without compromising on performance; it includes a Sensitive Moisturiser 100ml and a Sensitive Face Wash 125ml.
The Original Skincare Set
This set provides the perfect 3 step skincare regime for any man who wants to stay well-groomed and keep skin looking polished without having to work for it. Produced as a new combination to replace both the Supreme Skincare and Shavecare sets, it includes only the key products required for a natural superior clean, without a heavy price tag. The set includes: Willowbark Face Wash 125ml, Olivestone Face Scrub 100ml and Original Moisturiser 100ml. 
New and Improved Survival Set
The new and improved Survival Set is a hybrid gift set that combines the contents of the Originals Set and the first Survival Set. The shaving products have been replaced by the popular Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioning Style Cream. The line-up of products in this set is now as follows: Original Moisturiser 100ml, Willowbark Face Wash 125ml, Olivestone Face Scrub 100ml, Lemon & Oak Shower Gel 200ml, Caffeine Shampoo 200ml & Conditioning Style Cream 75ml.