How to Grow your Beard (...properly)

Growing out your beard may sound like a very basic task, second nature some may say, but with the colder months drawing in thick and fast we thought we'd provide some tips on how best to grow your facial hair properly in no time at all.


#1 : You can't just grow a beard by stopping shaving (or never starting), unless you want something patchy and uneven that vaguely resembles a beard. We suggest you continue to shave until all the hair on your face is growing evenly and once you're happy then start the beard with a fresh shave.


#2 : Taking good care of the skin underneath your beard will also help to stimulate you facial hair to grow evenly and keep it looking healthy.


#3: Don't give up when it starts to get itchy! The itchiness of new hair growth will only last up to around 4 weeks and you'll get used to it once the beard starts to soften. In the meantime, apply the Blackspice Beard Oil onto the beard follicles to soften the hair and keep itching to a minimum.


#4 : Don't just leave your beard to it's own devices. Once you have a decent length beard, you need to maintain the results - but don't worry it's not as difficult as it sounds! As well as trimming with a good quality Beard Trimmer, you also need to cleanse and style your beard to ensure you don't end up like a Hagrid lookalike...


This is where the Blackspice Beard Wash and Control come in. The Beard Wash uses Tea Tree Oil to remove unwanted impurities from both your beard and underneath skin, while the Blackspice Beard Control works with L-Arginine and Shea Butter to help naturally smooth and style your beard.


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