ManCave discusses: Beard Wash Vs. Regular Shampoo


Beard Wash Vs. Regular Shampoo - What's the difference? 🤔

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While everyone understands the importance of a great Beard Oil, the importance of a good Beard Wash is often neglected. Regular beard complaints include dryness, itchiness and irritation, which can all be treated with the use of our BlackSpice Beard Wash.



Why not just use a regular wash/shampoo?


People often ask why cleaning your beard is any different to cleaning the hair on your head, without fully understanding the consequence of applying a regular shampoo or wash to your face.


Many shampoos contain SLS (which can also be found in Washing Up Liquids...), this synthetic detergent is responsible for stripping away natural oils from the beard, leaving it feeling dry, coarse and often unmanageable, as well as drying out the facial skin beneath.
These shampoos can also weaken the root, causing unnecessary split ends and bald patches.


That's why we suggest using a natural wash that's designed specifically for beards, such as our Blackspice Beard Wash, which fights against irritation and dryness while keeping your beard fresh and clean.