6 Skincare Tips for Your Travels

When you’re travelling, we know that skincare isn’t going to be top of your list of priorities, but it’s important to do a little bit of planning ahead to avoid coming up short on your travels.

Here's our 6 best travel skincare tips to keep your routine simple but effective:

1. Apply a good hydrating moisturiser BEFORE boarding the plane 💧

Keep it on board with you on long-haul flights in case you start to feel that your skin is dehydrated (All of our moisturisers are below the 100ml carry-on limit)

2. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen ☀️

It’s important to pack an SPF like our SPF 20 Protective Moisturiser to ensure that your skin is protected from harmful rays. We don’t need to tell you the risks of excess sun exposure, but it includes skin cancer and early ageing.

3. Don't forget your serums 🧐

Although your serum may not seem like a skincare essential to pack in your case, they're actually one of the most important components of your routine. They're usually the most potent and highest performing product, meaning that if you go away without them for a few weeks they'll be sorely missed by your skin.

4. Bring a Micellar Water for on-the-go cleansing 💦

When you're on your holidays, it's best to think smart and take the most low-maintenance products that require very little effort. The Micellar Cleansing Water is the perfect travel or beach companion, as it can remove dirt and grime and freshen up skin in a few swipes (without using stripping chemicals).

5. Apply your face moisturiser around your eyes 👀

Instead of lugging around two separate moisturisers for your face and eyes while you're away, it is perfectly acceptable to use your regular moisturiser lightly around your eyes. It will prevent that dehydrated, crepey feeling, but also streamline your travel skincare routine and save you time for the important things.

6. Don't forget to bring a natural Deodorant 🌿

We know it isn't skincare & we'd hope that this would go without saying ( 👀) but a natural deodorant is a must-have for your travels, where sweat is a given. Although unlike an anti-perspirant it won't block sweating completely, it will help to prevent unwanted smells and keep you feeling fresh throughout the day.