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 Here at ManCave we love seeing our products in their natural surroundings… Whether that be owning the bathroom or right there with you on your travels.


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  • "What a view! @mancaveinc #OwnTheBathroom."
    – Ollie Paynie, @olliepaynie.

  • "Thank you for making a non-toxic skin care line that works!"
    – Oliver Edward.
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    – @Parksy_95.


  • "My new daily routine! #OwnTheBathroom"

  • "What a way to freshen up after a long hot summers day, this "Lemon & Oak" @mancaveinc shower gel feels and smells amazing on the skin 👌🏽👍🏽 Recommend highly
    - Stevey Miles
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"All the grooming products are of the typical high quality one expects from ManCave. While many products talk up their eco-credientials, ManCave appears to have all but the most expensive beat with their commitment to being respectful to the environment. For those of us with sensitive skin or allergies, it's good to know that ManCave products are free from parabens, sulphates and sythetic dyes. This may or may not float your boat, but even if you have no truck with ecowarriors, you probably will like the no-nonsense packaging and the quality of the products."


"Just perfect. I know I need to moisturise to maintain youthful skin but every moisturiser I've used has resulted in spots, including non comedogenic formulations like Cetaphil. The only moisturiser which suited me was proraso but they changed the formulation and the new one caused me to break out. I have bought so many and ended up moving on. I've been using Man Cave for a couple of weeks and I have found THE ONE! It does not block pores, it is great after shaving and at night, it soaks into the skin without a greasy or sticky feeling (like Cetaphil leaves) - it's just perfect. PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THE FORMULATION or sell up to the likes of L'oreal who will change the formulation to save costs like they did with Body Shop and Khiels!!"


"There is no doubt that I am a big fan of ManCave as a company and the products they provide if you happen to look at my previous reviews. While I have acquired some of these products through the Vine program I have re bought some of the ManCave series them once they have run out even replacing other similar products I have owned with the ManCave brand."


"I really do like the Man Cave range of products as they are natural, do the job well, and have an understated smell."


"What really sets Man Cave products apart is the fragrance. They are masculine, without being over bearing and really natural, cruelty free and excellent quality."


" Man Cave are fast becoming my favourite brand for the bathroom with their good quality products"


"Of all the shower gels I have used in recent years, this is a firm favourite now. It has a fabulous smell, you don't need much of it and it seems to last much longer than anything comparable."

"I am a little fussy about what my 'real man' smells like and really dislike the overpowering smells that some modern 'grooming' items are endowed with - this set however is lovely. The packaging is great - think wood cabin, lumberjacks, mountains and lakes. More importantly however, the items have quality ingredients, and clearly much thought has gone in to each an every item in the pack. I like the smell (particularly the shampoo which will last for ages as there is not that much hair to wash!) and the 'real man' in my life loves the results - win win really!"


"The ManCave range really appeals due to the environmental credentials, the quality of natural ingredients and lack of 'nasty' chemicals and the fact it's not tested on animals. The fragrance is suitably masculine, with a really luxurious feel."


"This gift set raised a smile and a chuckle before the box had even been opened. ManCave have gone to town on the sturdy cardboard packaging that makes you think of all those outdoors scenes from films set in lush pine forests with yah man of the house dutifully cutting down the odd tree or five to build the family home."