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"This is probably the best hair paste I have ever used, period."


"Unreal smell to the shower gel, I can't get enough. Clever tactic by ManCave as I perhaps now use twice as much!"


"I can't believe the price for the properties that this product has - both SPF 20 and anti-aging!"


"Great shampoo. Lathers really well and leaves hair well conditioned. I tend to suffer from an itchy scalp and this shampoo has virtually resolved that problem. Another great ManCave product."


"Free from all the stuff you are supposed to avoid"


"It's so hard to find a deodorant which has no alcohol or aluminium that actually works"


"I love this company's morals in that they use Naturally Derived Ingredients, are Vegan & Environmentally Friendly"


"This is a seriously good face scrub! A little goes a long way & there are no artificial beads - it's all natural"


"Best deodorant stick I've ever purchased. Long lasting, and I'm really impressed with the whole range. The best natural products I've found"


"This stuff is amazing, in my opinion. I've used a few different face washes over the years in an attempt to find one that worked. Now I've discovered the ManCave brand, the search has ended!"


"I've tried countless other men's face washes but is by far the best. Very easy to apply, great smell and your face feels feels refreshed after use."


"A big hit in our household with one of us being a Vegan and the others with Sensitive Skin"


"Non-oily or greasy, absorbs well into skin, scent is pleasant, skin feels and looks good all day"


"How ManCave managed to make a shower gel with natural extracts smell this good is a mystery"