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Our Philosophy

Each one of our products undergoes a gruelling process to get it to be the best it possibly can be. We use natural and naturally derived ingredients where ever distinctly possible, and ensure that every product contains NO NASTIES. The result of this process being a Natural Men’s grooming range free from skin-unfriendly ingredients including Parabens, Sulphates (SLS SLES), Synthetic Dye, Mineral Oils or Petrolatum.


The Criteria our products need to follow: 




Recyclability of our products:


With recycling being more and more important in our society, we wanted to be able to offer you with hassle-free recyclable packaging. Which is why our tubed products can be recycled without taking of any labels or lids.


The product tubes’ green credentials are gained with both the label and cap being produced in a single material (PP), making the finished product 100% recyclable.


We primarily use only 1 or 2 plastics in the production of products which provides you with maximum material efficiency and recyclability  Although not being Plastic Free we believe that this effort to make the recycling of our products as easy as possible will mean that more people will recycle them.