Body Bar Bag


This bag is the perfect way to store your Shampoo + Body Bar and keep it fresher for longer

Eradicates the need for a soap dish or shower tray and gives your skin a natural exfoliation at the same time! Made from plant based natural fibres that are kind to the skin.

  • Clean and hygienic way to store your Shampoo + Body Bar
  • Helps to lather while exfoliating the skin
  • Made from natural linen material

*Please note, this product is just the external bag and does not include the Shampoo + Body Bar


Keeps your bar fresh and clean

Exfoliates skin + improves lathering

Plastic free, hygienic storage

Made from natural plant based fibres


And much more...

Keeps soap fresh and clean

Exfoliates the skin naturally

Helps build a rich foamy lather

Plastic free

Made with natural linen

Perfect partner for the Lemon & Oak Shampoo + Body Bar


The perfect partner...

Want to keep your soap bar fresh for longer? Our Shampoo + Body Bar Bag is the perfect way to store your bar hygienically and help it last even longer. Our Lemon & Oak Shampoo + Body Bar is formulated to be gentle on skin while providing a deep and satisfying cleanse to the hair and skin. Find out more below...


Skincare is self-care.

Our unique formulations are developed to provide a lasting benefit to your skin + mind


Healthy looking hair, naturally.

A good hair day has the ability to set your mood for the rest of the day. Cleanse + condition your hair with natural ingredients

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