Hair Care Bundle

£22.12 £29.50

Promote healthy hair growth, fight hair loss, dandruff and boost hair strength with the healthier hair + scalp bundle

Bundle includes:

  • 500ml Caffeine Shampoo
  • 200ml Caffeine Conditioner
  • 350ml Anti-dandruff + DHT Blocking Shampoo

SAVE 15% when bought as a bundle

Your fix for naturally
thicker hair

Your fix for naturally thicker hair

Included in the bundle:


Anti-Dandruff DHT

Blocking Shampoo


Fight against dandruff and hair thinning, for a naturally healthy scalp

Gently cleanses the hair and scalp while helping to fight dandruff and calming scalp irritation.

RRP £10





A deep cleansing shampoo with Caffeine to help encourage healthy hair growth

Hydrate and moisturise the hair + scalp with Caffeine, Vitamin E & Panthenol

RRP £13





A hydrating conditioner to smooth frizz while encouraging healthy hair growth

Treat and strengthen your hair with Caffeine to help strengthen roots and Shea Butter to condition and smooth

RRP £6.50

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