The Benefits of WillowBark For Your Skin!

Our WillowBark Face Wash has some extremely good benefits, which is why we think you should be using it!


Inflammation is the source of a lot of skin problems, including acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, premature ageing, and more. Taming inflammation helps improve skin condition all the way around, and is especially helpful in products for sensitive skin.

Reduces Breakouts

You’ve seen synthetic salicylic acid listed on over-the-counter acne products. Why not use the natural source of the stuff instead? It’s much gentler and will not result in the burning, peeling, and sensitivity that synthetic salicylic acid can cause. Willow bark extract naturally exfoliates skin and clears pores to help reduce breakouts and give skin a clearer, healthier appearance.

Smooths Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The same exfoliating action that reduces acne also helps smooth fine line and wrinkles. Willow bark is a source of natural hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate dead skin cells on the surface of skin to reveal younger, newer cells underneath. The result is smoother, softer skin.


Like most plant extracts, willow bark contains flavonoids and tannins—powerful antioxidants that help protect skin from damaging free radicals and aid in skin rejuvenation. These are just some of the reasons Willow Bark features as a key ingredient in our Face Wash