5 Reasons to Subscribe To Your Favourite ManCave Products!


5 Reasons to Subscribe!

Subscribing to your favourite companies is a no brainer! You get specials offers, first looks and perks to ensure you’re the top dog customer that they care about. So we thought we’d take the opportunity to tell our cohort 5 reasons why subscribing to ManCave should be your next good idea!

Within your subscription YOU get to decide what products you’d like and in what quantities. There are no set packages so having full control over your product flow means you can have a bathroom full of Cedarwood Shower Gel, if that’s what you like, or Beard Wash to keep your #beardgame strong or a mixture of everything to keep your routine on point.

You’ve been running low for a few days on your favourite moisturiser but haven’t had time to go to the shop to get more, squeezing as much as you can out of the tube… no more of this nonsense! Our subscription has been set at every 2 months, as we believe this is the perfect amount of time to get through your most loved daily products and be needing more. Your pre-selected ManCave products will be delivered to your door on a specified date every 8 weeks, saving on excess packaging and unnecessary shipping costs. You don’t even have to remember to put your order in to get your must-have’s ready for when you must have them!

Everybody loves a good saving on their favourite items! With your subscription, you can add everything you desire to your basket (over £15) and automatically have 15% discounted from your total. With Free Shipping over £10 also added to your basket, you’re really starting to save yourself a pretty penny!

ManCave is ever evolving to bring new things to the market and over the next year, we have lots of exciting things in the pipeline! With our best customers in mind, every subscriber will get first look and try of our new products BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE. That’s right, before they're even on the market all subscribers will be sent our new products to try and give feedback on our latest venture.

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If all of the above reasons aren’t enough for you to join us, then just being part of our awesome ManCave club should sway you. Following our Newsletter here (on our homepage, simply click THE CLUB menu) will keep you updated with new releases, events, offers and anything else we feel is important enough to tell you!

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